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Inspiration comes to me by the need to capture the natural beauty that surrounds me. These wonderful shapes and forces which form the mysteries of nature...these patterns that repeat themselves again and again in all elements of the universe. 

The veins of a leaf resemble the veins in our body as the footprint of a river through the earth ... and those magnificent spirals that form plants and seashells are the same that shape the galaxies ... Nature has a profound depth and a spirit that our eyes cannot see...

My art is then a magnifying glass or a telescope ... and each piece is born from observation and interpretation, sometimes it is a prayer, or a vision from my inner world ...it’s my connection to the divine.

"El Arte es el alimento de mi alma."  
(Art is the food for my soul)


Living in the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula (1986-2000) and experimenting with the different clays in the area, I discovered that I could use them to paint on canvas. I felt a direct connection with the origins of painting, with our ancestors who thousands of years ago used clay as a means to paint and draw on the walls of their caves. 

The clay and the sand have shaped our world and are materials as old as the planet itself…

The clay I paint with is formed in the mountains and rivers of Costa Rica, each area forges its unique colors. The sands come from our beautiful and countless  beaches, and family and friends are allies in my search and the collection extends to other parts of the planet like Australia, the Sahara desert, Arizona...