Riverside Rest at Finca Gardenia
Chimirol de Rivas, San isidro del General

For one person only

Reconnect to your basic self with the sound of the river, surrounded by mountains and trees in the house of Joy.

It's unusual a bit wild and definitely rustic, here you will enjoy a simple and healthy natural way of living. Joy provides a safe and supported space to heal inner wounds, find yourself or simply unwind, detox and unstress.

Joy offers 3 days of accomodation and guidance through her books of wisdom and awareness in a pure nature environment, right next to the house runs the ...river.  

Enjoy her unique cooking skills with healthy delicious organic foods locally grown and prepared with care, creativity and awareness. And for the sweet lovers, she makes a most delicious, all natural chocolate treat!

"Reveal thy simple self
Embrace thy original nature
Check thy selfishness
Curtail thy desires"

Lao Tsu TAOTECHING          
The question is... can you handle a downstairs toilet, cold showers, sleeping on a mattress on the floor, an open air house and having to walk out of the property for a good internet conection? If you can handle all this then you're in for a magical experience!

The weather is very pleasant, it might get a little chilly at night, but it's warm during the day. It can be rainy between May and November with a dry spell between June and July. December through April are the dryest months.
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Price: $75 per day, a total of $225 for the 3 days. 
All meals included. 

Joy provides sheets and towels. ($115 deposit required when booked) If you have a paypal account, please send the deposit to:

If you do not have a paypal account we will send you an invoice which can easily be payed on line with your credit card plus a $10 extra fee. The balance of $110 please pay in cash to Joy upon arrival.
"No alcohol please and if you must bring sugar treats, please keep them to yourself as temptation I can't resist". 

A little History:
Joy moved fom California to Costa Rica in 1988 with her husband Joseph looking to bring their 4 boys closer to nature. They lived in the jungle a few steps from the beach, in a place only accessible by boat 30 min. north of Golfito.

In the year 2010 she moved with her family to the Chirripo area. She lives alone, is mostly solitary and spends her time reading gardening and doing a little art. She lives in the simple natural way. 

To get in touch with Joy you can use
whatsapp: +506-8432-3991 or email:

For any questions regarding the payment of the deposit please contact Barbara at

How to get there:
You can either drive (3.5 hrs from San Jose) or take the bus (Musoc or Tracopa) to San Isidro del General where you will be picked up and driven to Finca Gardenia (20 min) for an extra cost of $23 each way. 

Alternatively on your departure you may take the bus back to San isidro for $1 (7:00 am, 10:am and 1pm).

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